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Delivering consistent brand asset management for Xerox

iON Xerox is part of the Communication and Marketing Services division of Xerox. Its mandate is to provide clients with top-level document supply chain services, and assist them with the creation, printing, distribution and management of their digital assets. iON Xerox was hired by the Department of Work and Pensions (DWP) in the UK, to design and implement technology solutions capable of bringing greater consistency and clarity to its communications.

Bluprintx delivered consistent brand asset management to achieve top-level outcomes for Xerox clients. 




  • Cost savings of £32,000 per year 
  • Brand inquiries went down from 200 to 50 per month for 10,300 active users 
  • 2,400 downloads a month



  • With the budget of the project set for a one-time £54,000, and an additional £15,000 per year for maintenance, a cost saving of £32,000 per year for DWP was a major return on investment.
  • The system now supports 13,500 users who download more than 2,000 assets per month, and it has the potential to support up to 200,000 staff members and partners.
  • DWP reports that their users find the system very friendly and intuitive, and the number of support calls has gone down dramatically. 
  • The system has been so successful, in fact, that Xerox received an esteemed Communications Center award—the Government Suppliers’ Award for Collaboration.



The system had to be utterly user-friendly and accessible to a wide range of people. It also had to provide a reporting mechanism so that senior DWP staff could track the frequency and purpose of asset downloads – and make more informed decisions about how to allocate future marketing resources.

Xerox deployed the Xinet digital asset management (DAM) system with metadata search capabilities powered by XMP software. Shortly thereafter, Xerox engaged Bluprintx to help customise, maintain, and evolve this new Communication Centre.

Authorized DWP partners can directly access the Communication Centre to download the latest logos, images, and other assets. By offering this limited, permissions-based access to partners, DWP has been able to reduce its administrative overhead.

A leading global integrator of Xinet systems, Bluprintx has developed a set of applications that complement and extend the core Xinet functionality. Xerox chose to use the IOI Access tool over Active Directory for a simpler, more effective way to administer users and maintain accounts.

With Xinet, Xerox was able to provide multi-language support – including native Welsh – for the different agencies using the tool. Xerox was also able to make the system fully compliant with the W3C AA standard of web content accessibility for users with disabilities.


With IOI Access, the Communication Centre is incredibly secure. And our partnership with Bluprintx ensures we have the right people in the right place to take Xinet forward in the future.”

Michelle Taylor, Data Manager in Xerox’s Global Document Outsourcing group