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Innovate and Celebrate: Season’s Greetings

As the holiday season approaches, it’s the ideal time for reflection. To celebrate what this year has been. And look ahead to what next year will bring.  

For us, 2023 has marked a pivotal point in our history. After a period of rapid growth – organic and through strategic acquisitions – we brought our global businesses together under the unified Bluprintx brand. Strengthening the services we provide and bolstering our Adobe credentials, the resulting Bluprintx growth lifecycle has enabled us to deliver even greater value to our clients, and partners, around the world.  

This transformation has also been the catalyst for continued innovation. Understanding the challenges that are facing our clients, we’ve developed new Content Supply Chain and Personalized Journey Management solutions. Pioneering the concept of mini-ecosystems, these solutions foster agility, making businesses more resilient and adaptable, and ultimately drive more sustainable growth.  

While we’re immensely proud of what we’ve achieved as a business, we know that collaboration and partnerships are the cornerstones of mutual success. That’s why we have an unwavering commitment to delivering excellence in everything we do, and why we constantly innovate with cutting-edge technology. 

We’ve always focused on what really matters for our clients. And moving into next year, we know that outcomes will matter most. Putting outcomes first is the only way to achieve truly sustainable growth. We’ll do this by helping clients prioritise investments in technology, but also in people. Creating the right structure and the right operating models. Helping them understand marketing spending and impact. Identifying and closely monitoring potential waste. All of this will lead to growth.  

After a year that’s seen businesses move at incredible pace, at the same time as doing more with less, in 2024 we’re going to help clients do things differently. That means slowing down to speed up. Taking a step back to understand the root cause of challenges. Properly pausing to identify opportunities for growth. This is how to accelerate progress and embed positive change for the long-term.  

We cannot wait to embrace the growth opportunity that 2024 will bring us all. In the meantime, from me and all at Bluprintx, we wish you a safe and happy holiday, and a healthy, prosperous New Year.  

Lee Hackett