IO Drive

Sync global. Work local. Xinet desktop sync. IO Drive synchronizes files and folders directly from a Xinet server to an end user’s Mac desktop enabling better collaboration.

Keep your files and folders in sync

In Xinet portal, end-users choose which files or folders they want to sync, and IO Drive automatically sends them to the user’s Mac desktop. IO Drive monitors all assets in the local IO Drive folder and automatically synchronizes new files and modifications with the Xinet DAM.

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Global alignment with all your Xinet assets

Ensure all your Xinet DAM users never fall out of versioning sync with IO Drive. With IO Drive, all your Xinet files and folders sync automatically to your local Mac machine speeding up how quickly your creative team can turn around projects.

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IO DRIVE solves your creative production challenges

Highly Secure

Highly secure

IO DRIVE provides encrypted and secure access to your files. Any file transfer between your Mac and the Xinet DAM uses a highly secure SSL connection and is authenticated using SSH Public Key Authentication.

Smart Sync

Smart Sync

When you edit an asset on your local client, IO DRIVE’s Smart Sync feature only transfers the portion of the file that changed, saving bandwidth and increasing transfer speed.

Auto Sync Via Subscription

Auto Sync Via Subscription

Subscribe to a folder and any changes made by other team members gets automatically synchronized to your local IO DRIVE folder.

Transfer History

Transfer History

A clickable application filetype icon or status folder shows information about name, size, speed and time of the synchronization.

Adobe CC Remote Relinking

Adobe CC Remote Relinking

Automatically search the Xinet DAM for linked images from the client and automatically synchronize links. Works in Adobe InDesign and Illustrator.

Conflict Management

Conflict Management

Conflict management to auto-resolve conflicts that happen when users work offline and reconnect to the DAM.

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