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Operational efficiency and business growth for SomnoMed

Revolutionizing patient-dentist matching for SomnoMed.

Bluprintx helped SomnoMed implement powerful automations to understand and connect customers and prospects better. This has enabled the company to maintain a closer relationship with its patient audience and provide relevant information at the ideal time in their buying cycle.

SomnoMed employs more than 300 staff to design, manufacture and distribute premium devices for the treatment of Sleep Apnea, serving North America, Europe, and Asia-Pacific.

They sought a globally compliant system that leveraged their data to better market to prospects and customers, and engaged Bluprintx to enable their talented team.




  • Industry-specific bespoke solution, ensuring real time customer journey visibility
  • Adhering to global healthcare compliance requirements
  • Powerful, customized direct-to-patient marketing automation



  • Streamlined database interaction – utilizing advanced velocity scripting, email triggers were implemented, sending personalized emails to patients with dentist details, based on their actions.
  • Improved customer journey – defined an “if this, then that” functionality, enabling triggers when specific actions are taken; when patients choose to be contacted, dentists then receive personalized emails with patient details.
  • Automated nurture programs – onward interactions with existing customer and prospect database based on a prescribed scoring criteria, complimenting the same matching process with patients.



Bluprintx empowered SomnoMed with patient journey mapping using integrated Marketo web- forms. With Leadshook & Salesforce, SomnoMed now efficiently screens patients at scale, onboarding prospects based on disease status and buying cycle.

Bluprintx collaborated closely with the SomnoMed team to provide expert guidance on unlocking a globally compliant system. By delivering efficient workflows and advanced technologies, Bluprintx enabled the SomnoMed team to harness the full potential of their data.

SomnoMed has revolutionized patient-dentist matching by automating the process. With the integration of Google Maps’ geo-location API, patients can now effortlessly find the top three dentists nearest to them. Say goodbye to the hassle of manually searching for a dentist – SomnoMed has made it easier than ever to connect patients with the best dental care available.


“Over half of our patients are now automatically matched to dentists, saving 50% of the time previously spent on manual matching. Bluprintx integrated this system into our Salesforce instance and trained us on Marketo. They listened to our goals and built a healthcare-compliant solution. The Bluprintx team has provided valuable support and advice for our direct-to-patient marketing journey.”

Mark Harding, SVP Global Marketing R&D, SomnoMed

Case Study

Operational efficiency and business growth for SomnoMed