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Optimizing workflows to improve ROI with

Inefficient processes and ineffective workflows block business growth. Against a backdrop of reduced budgets, decreased headcount and an all-round increase in marketing requirements, businesses can’t afford to let their workflows slow them down.

This is where Work Management comes in. A solution dedicated to optimizing workflows, improving processes and boosting productivity. All while staying on-brand, and with a razor-sharp focus on specific business objectives.

Bluprintx recently hosted a joint webinar with leading work management platform provider, As a certified partner, Bluprintx assembled a panel of experienced customers from across industries alongside hosts Mike Holt, Bluprintx North America CEO, and Nicky Allen, Director of Work Management, to frame the ways in which every business can accelerate ROI through workflow efficiency.

Let’s look at six ways to leverage to improve your business processes:

  1. Driving cross-functional efficiencies, process automation and campaign execution
    Achieving alignment across internal teams and even with external agencies and partners is essential for effective communication – and ultimately for campaign execution. enables you to break down siloes and promote collaboration, bringing products or campaigns to market faster in a transparent and compliant manner. An effective rollout from Bluprintx has shown to reduce resource requirements by 59% on average.
  2. Partnering Bluprintx and to optimize workflows
    Finding the right partner is a key step in a new rollout. Bluprintx has delivered over 50 projects globally, helping businesses cut a faster path to ROI. As a certified partner, we’re ideally positioned to build a bespoke integration designed around your ecosystem and requirements – factoring in everything from task setups and permissions down to specialist functions and conditional logic.
  3. Integrating to maximise the benefits of a martech stack
    Every business has its unique tech ecosystem. Even where businesses share common platforms, individual implementations will differ to suit objectives and preferences. integrates seamlessly with technologies including Office365, SalesForce, Google Analytics 4 and more – and with a platforms-agnostic approach, Bluprintx ensures that your stack interconnects to offer more than the sum of its parts.
  4. Unlocking all the capabilities of with Bluprintx
    At Bluprintx, we believe in building confidence and capabilities among our clients. Our platform experts can set up visual dashboards which offer clear insights and actionable data, and train your team in using them. And we don’t deal in long-term dependency. We design, deliver and adopt your implementation so that we’re here when you need us, and step away when you don’t. We unlock platform and personnel capabilities, then hand over the keys.
  5. Achieving cross-functional rollouts of
    Straight from our audience Q&A, panellist and Good Food Holdings strategist Amanda Oren reinforced the importance of taking a cross-functional approach to Bluprintx worked with Good Food Holdings to install a setup which met the needs of each stakeholder across the business. It’s rare that any business output involves just one department – Amanda highlighted the importance of considering your structure when conducting discovery sessions.
  6. Onboarding to scale up collaboration and task management
    Like any marketing technology, effective onboarding is critical to success. A unified team working confidently through will collaborate more effectively, and reap the rewards of cross-functional visibility. Adoption is the foundation of success, so dedicate just as much time to training as operations. That’s why in every project we deliver, adoption is baked in at every stage – and not a last-minute outcome.

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