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Activate your growth lifecycle. Act now.

We know there is constant pressure to drive business growth. To meet revenue targets, no matter the external pressures. Despite your headcount gaps, ever-changing technology landscape and cross-functional challenges. 

You’re looking for ways to scale your marketing and improve ROI, to kickstart growth. But something always seems to be missing. The gaps you’ve plugged are leaking, and the silver bullets you’ve fired didn’t right all wrongs.  

That’s where the growth lifecycle comes in. By adopting a growth lifecycle approach, you can better understand your customers, optimize your sales and marketing efforts, and ultimately drive sustainable growth for your business. At Bluprintx, we have streamlined this into a four-pillar approach which underpins every project. 

We design your growth action plan. Deliver your strategic ecosystem. Boost adoption across your business. And continuously optimize your growth performance. Ultimately, we deliver solid foundations for sustainable growth, built around the capabilities of your people, to deliver excellence for your customers. And help you grow from there. Click here to schedule a consultation.


Welcome to your growth lifecycle. 


Design – an action plan for growth  

Design is the backbone of the growth lifecycle, empowering you as leaders to prioritize key initiatives and create a sequenced roadmap of tailored process improvements, technology enhancements, and roles and responsibilities. A concise and clear roadmap that you can follow, without unnecessary complexity or jargon. 

The process optimizes how work gets done and results get delivered, paving a carefully planned and predictable route to growth. By examining every aspect of your business, from organizational structure to marketing and creative productivity, you can pinpoint where action will make the biggest impact, while staying focused on the outcomes that matter.  

We’ll map your current state of maturity, identify strengths and challenges, then identify the interdependent network of initiatives that, when executed in sequence and in synchronization, will increase your odds of success. 


Deliver – consistency and growth  

We take what we’ve designed, and deliver you a growth ecosystem which doesn’t just work on paper. Powered by data and technology, this growth ecosystem enhances operating models and synchronizes siloed teams.  

We deliver a solution-agnostic approach which fits your business. With absolute visibility across teams, data, and pipelines. This drives efficiency not only through the technology, but through your people – unlocking new capabilities from existing resources.   

We’ll make sure your technology and platforms are delivering too. We ensure your resource is at its most efficient, taking an analytical approach to new and legacy systems. 

Remember, achieving growth is not just about achieving YoY goals. It’s a commitment to growing the business, by design, towards your long-term objectives. 


Adopt – take control for growth  

You can have the best technology and operating model in the world, but unless it is fully adopted it will not give you the results you need. Driving growth through adoption is not a one-time project. It’s a strategy that needs to be embedded into business practice and maintained over time. It’s a commitment. It’s a mindset. It’s a culture. The result: operational efficiency and capacity to execute, data and insight you can rely on and the ability to continuously innovate and optimize performance.  

We will ensure adoption in your business by creating a common language across teams, and developing a collective understanding that breaks down silos. We’ll help to monitor alignment, and rectify areas of friction to boost productivity. 

Empower your staff. Retain your resource. Adopt a mindset for growth. 

It all needs to start somewhere. We’ve tried and tested methods for approaching adoption that drive sustainable growth. Explore these in our expert paper ‘Why SaaS is the silent barrier to growth’.  


Grow – constantly optimize   

As you grow, we’ll help you to remain outcome-focused and on track to sustain that growth.  

Optimizing further growth means assessing and reassessing your goals. Checking that your KPIs are still relevant. Demonstrating and attributing ROI. Adapting your growth strategy to the market.  

We’ll be on-hand when you need us. We’ll be the extra pair of hands, your resource in reserve. And a new perspective to test your ideas against.  

The grow pillar completes the cycle. But it’s not the end. Turn your data into insight and unlock your levers of growth. Use this intelligence to adapt your growth action plan and optimize even further. The continuous growth lifecycle. 


Leveraging the growth lifecycle  

The growth lifecycle isn’t linear. And the pillars aren’t siloed either. They give you the levers to challenge established practices and support growth that’s as predictable as it is sustainable.  

We’re helping you to take control of growth by design, creating unique action plans to improve revenue, drive greater productivity or win market share. 

The growth lifecycle tracks the fundamental steps of creating and sustaining growth. At each stage you grow, the cycle repeats. As you grow, you’ll change. And your growth will change, too.  

The best way to gain control over growth is through a structured approach that combines the four pillars of design, deliver, adopt and grow. The more you break down each pillar, the more able you’ll be to tackle growth head on and make it happen.  

Our proven approach takes clients from design, through delivery, to adoption. And once your growth ecosystem is established, we help you continually optimize, so you can continue to grow from there. Talk to us about your objectives, outcomes and opportunities, and we’ll design the most effective path to delivery, adoption and growth. 

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