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Expert report | SaaS: the silent barrier to business growth

Agencies and consulting companies often find a cash cow in clients who put new executives in place every two to three years. The reason being, with each new executive, there often comes a strong opinion about which technology should be implemented. Regardless of how the team using the tools day-to-day feels, a new leader will rip and replace it.

Hundreds of thousands of dollars later, the customer has paid for new technology and a team who doesn’t know how to use it. Only to wait two more years (when they would just be comfortable enough with it) for a new executive to come in and do the whole process over again.

Yes, SaaS makes it easier to swap out one platform for another. But what’s often overlooked is the upskilling costs, loss in productivity, employee retention, and user satisfaction. Our experience has shown that SaaS in these circumstances can be a risk to business growth. In this paper, we’ll discuss why businesses need to shift away from the perceived safety blanket of SaaS, and bring in adoption strategies that will futureproof systems and teams to drive sustainable growth.

Download our Expert report: SaaS – the silent barrier to business growth below.

Expert report

SaaS shouldn't be seasonal.