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Four ways to deliver exceptional customer experiences by leveraging data

Net new acquisition is one growth strategy. But if you’re looking for accelerated, sustainable growth, it’s not enough. Long-term and predictive growth comes from considering the lifetime value of the customer, and creating exceptional experiences which foster loyalty. 

Data is a powerful tool for improving customer experiences and increasing lifetime value. Large-scale data insights and AI technologies unlock new avenues to improving experiences at scale. With half of current marketing leaders actively exploring ways to improve customer experiences to generate growth*, you need to act fast to stay ahead of the market.  

Let’s start with four ways you can leverage data and AI to improve customer experiences. 


Optimize internal processes 

Before you look at external factors, ensure that your internal processes are watertight. Improve what the customer can’t see, so that you’re ready to deliver what they can see.  

That means ensuring data best practice, integrating platforms and reviewing processes for automation opportunities. Build a tech stack that takes routine and repeat tasks away from your team members to put time back in the marketing schedule and enable your organization to do more with less.  

The platforms and processes which will support customer-facing activity are essential building blocks in generating exceptional customer experiences. Get this right, and lay strong foundations for your team to build upon.  


Make data-driven insights accessible  

Your team needs complete access to customer insights to utilize them effectively. Design a mini-ecosystem with 360-degree customer visibility at its center to create truly personalized journeys. Then make sure that data is available where it’s needed through targeted integrations – into CRM for sales, MAP for marketing, and BI platforms for strategic review.  

This ‘customer 360’ approach supports better decision making, and lays a framework for personalization. It’s also the central resource for utilizing AI to support your activities. Draw on AI to analyze large amounts of data faster and more effectively than humans can manage to anticipate client trends and market needs in real time.  


Tailor and personalize marketing strategies   

Personalization is the gold standard of marketing, but it comes at a cost. One that’s usually paid in significant time and resource investment. 

Combining your business data with AI resources can make this more manageable – and we’re not talking about pure analysis. AI directly supports a personalized approach by automatically iterating and updating marketing assets to suit individual recipients according to their preferences and behaviors.  

Using your customer data, AI can also identify who will benefit from this auto-personalization approach. AI platforms will review your database, suggest appropriate segmentation then serve the right content to the right audience. Personalized marketing, at scale, without intensive team input.   


Improve customer journeys 

Leverage AI to improve personalized journeys in real time, by leveling up customer touchpoints. Based on user history, AI can rapidly assess next-best-action or next-best-offer opportunities, providing intelligent new pathways towards revenue-generating outcomes.  

By taking an ‘AI everywhere’ approach and ensuring that new insights are fed back to every relevant platform, you’ll begin to build an ecosystem that caters to customers’ needs in real time, around the clock. 

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