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Integrating Adobe Marketo Engage and Microsoft Dynamics for NEC

Laying the foundations for sustainable growth, Bluprintx delivered a complex Marketo Engage to Microsoft Dynamics CRM integration on an accelerated program.

NEC needed to overhaul its customer data and communications program ahead of IMMERSION, a critical internal event for NEC Australia. Bluprintx deployed a new Marketo Engage instance and integrated it with NEC’s existing Microsoft Dynamics CRM, simultaneously improving visibility and processes while unifying siloed data. Completing the rollout in four weeks instead of the six allocated, Bluprintx then ensured ongoing success by providing resources and training for internal teams. 

NEC is an IT solutions and technology infrastructure company with a history stretching back to the 19th century. The company has evolved to deliver a huge range of products and services used across a multitude of industries, all with a focus on how its activities can address society’s needs and positively impact customers and communities.  


  • 4-week integration and rollout 
  • 15 marketing campaigns launched 
  • 360-degree view of customer data achieved 


  • CRM-integrated Marketo program delivered ahead of a key internal event, turning a typical nine-month project into a four-week rollout 
  • Customer data unified into one Microsoft Dynamics instance, where it was previously siloed between teams 
  • 360-degree customer visibility achieved in Microsoft Dynamics, featuring bespoke lead scoring powered by Marketo Engage 
  • Marketo campaign templates established and internal teams upskilled to ensure no agency dependency for future projects 


Bluprintx worked closely with internal teams, including marketing and sales, to triage existing challenges and deliver an integration which met the needs of all stakeholders. Above and beyond the functional requirements of internal teams, Bluprintx liaised with business leaders to ensure the desired integration was delivered in compliance with NEC’s strict data management standards.  

  • Bluprintx conducted martech health checks with each team, understanding where existing platforms and processes could become part of a new solution 
  • The NEC sales team helped to build a bespoke lead scoring matrix based on their unique understanding of the value of different behaviors 
  • Bluprintx conducted Marketo campaign pilots with the marketing team, demonstrating success before training core members and handing over the integration to a confident, competent team 
  • To unify the teams Bluprintx showed how the new integration would ensure marketing activities closely support sales, and that sales would be primed to take effective action on new leads using a record of their marketing interactions 


“Bluprintx helped us navigate a lot of complexity around data, people, and workflows to accelerate implementation. We needed integrations set up in just six weeks, and Bluprintx delivered ahead of schedule.” 

David Borean, Chief Transformation Officer, NEC Australia