Catering to a massive food delivery customer base, Uber Eats’ impressive portfolio in Australia comprises over 320,00 restaurants. Building on a groundswell of appreciation for multicultural dining and convenience, Uber Eats grew much more rapidly in Australia than many regions globally, heightening the company’s need to improve experiences for partner restaurants.

Bluprintx leveraged Marketo expertise to improve Uber Eats’ restaurant partner onboarding and nurture experience.



  • 100% usage of inbound sales in January 2020
  • 66% decrease in onboarding time for new restaurants
  • 95% reduction in manual ad hoc emails



Uber Eats was already using Marketo Engage integrated with its Salesforce CRM, but knew that its potential was not being fully harnessed. Appointing Bluprintx, Uber Eats aimed to improve and quicken restaurant onboarding by automating key parts of the process. Simultaneously, the company endeavoured to align teams and reduce manual, ad hoc emails from sales and account management. 

  • Leveraged Marketo Engage to drive pre-booked consultations for account managers, leading to 100% usage of inbound sales.
  • Bluprintx automated key stages in the onboarding process with action-triggered emails, reducing the reliance on manual emails and their associated wait times.
  • 66% reduction in restaurant partner onboarding time, from 2 weeks to 5 days.



Bluprintx engaged in a six-month triage process, analysing current business processes to establish a new rulebook for transfer of business knowledge.

  • Uber Eats and Bluprintx cleansed and re-catalogued existing data to lay foundations for automation against solid data architecture.
  • Bluprintx designed new operational processes crossing Marketo and Salesforce while also ensuring compatibility with Uber Eats’ complex tech stack. 
  • Bluprintx and Uber Eats fostered cross-team alignment on a centralised communications model with a consistent voice. 
  • Empowered employees to know exactly when their input was needed to progress an account. 


“With Marketo Engage and Bluprintx, we’ve moved from a shoestring operational approach for communications to one that’s much more robust and considered.”

Connor Sinclair, Uber Eats’ Senior Restaurant Experience Manager for Australia and New Zealand