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We work with the market leading and most innovative vendors, and build our own integrations. So as well as installing best of breed tech, we can audit and enhance the platforms you already rely on.

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The benefit of our ecosystem experience

We design and deliver tangible business growth by connecting the dots between people, workflow, technology and data. We’ve built an agonistic partner ecosystem that can be put in service of every business’ unique needs.

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Everything you need to manage your ecosystem

Marketing Automation (MAP)

Your marketing database and campaign repository. The execution stage of the campaign lifecycle where users build and launch marketing efforts to provide the right message at the right time resulting in increased engagement. Prioritise follow-up through scoring and insight to sales tort improved conversion rates to won business.

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Digital Asset Management (DAM)

All your digital marketing content, organized, managed and distributed from one place. Build brand authenticity and content consistency through centralized storage and real time updates of assets. Bluprintx can design, deliver, and help you adopt an asset management system that creates efficiency in your processes and encourages collaboration between your people.

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Digital Experience Management (DXM)

With the right digital experience management solution, any brand can deliver experiences that grow customer loyalty, lifetime value and reduce churn. With a data-powered DXM solution, you can recognize the moments that matter most, and deliver personalized experiences across channels, at huge scale.

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Work Management

By implementing and adopting work management platforms across your marketing functions, you're able to smooth operational friction points, create more seamless ways of working, and generate better outcomes for employees and customers alike. Bluprintx helps you achieve more with the resources you have, with external agencies and other lines of business, Managing asset creation, copy, compliance, localization, and legal more effectively, and shaving time off campaign creation in the process to improve your productivity and time to market.

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Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Your customer database and core platform for all sales activity. Usually the focal point of the entire sales and marketing tech stack. Help drive next best action for marketing, sales, product and customer success teams, based on a 360 view of your customers. Support your lead to customer processes to improve customer relationships, pipeline generation, productivity and revenue outcomes.

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Data Visualization & Analytics (BI)

Actionable insight in your hands. Pulling in all the touchpoints of a customer lifecycle, understanding your KPIs and team productivity. Rolling it up in a digestible manner with interactive self-service charts, graphs, and reports which deliver actionable insight, available to whoever needs it, when they need it. Understand where you are spending your money, where people are spending time and how that is translating into customer engagement and revenue outcomes.

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We work with the market leading and most innovative vendors, and build our own integrations. So as well as installing best of breed tech, we can audit and enhance the platforms you already rely on.

See who we partner with below.

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Tiqets is a fast-growing start-up on a mission to make culture more accessible by helping people discover and enjoy museums and attractions around the globe....

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Data-powered asset management for The Frick Collection

The Frick Collection is an internationally recognized museum and research center, located in New York City. It is known for its distinguished Old Master paintings,...

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Delivering consistent brand asset management for Xerox

iON Xerox is part of the Communication and Marketing Services division of Xerox. Its mandate is to provide clients with top-level document supply chain services,...

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