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Revolutionize your Marketing ROI by transforming your content challenge into a revenue-generating Content Supply Chain.

As an Adobe Content Supply Chain Solution Partner, our proven approach aligns your People, Workflow, Technology and Data for growth-focused business and marks a pathway to relentless campaign production.


Your go-to Accredited Partner Solution for Adobe Content Supply Chain.

The accelerator is a repeatable and measure approach designed to deliver a modern content supply chain through a comprehensive action plan and real-time rollout support – a proven method for businesses facing content challenges and seeking revenue gains.

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Outcomes of an Effective Content Supply Chain

  • Drive greater impact with less resource (ROI)
  • Ecosystem Architecture
  • Deliver effective ways of working between teams
  • Boost capacity of my team
  • Deliver effective creative collaboration and digital production
  • Boost capability of my team
  • Growth Effectiveness Action Plan
  • Change Management
  • Business Growth Measurement & Insights
  • Drive greater impact with less resource (ROI)

    Achieve sustainable growth and high productivity by leveraging your budget, people, operations, technology and data in the most efficient way.
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  • Ecosystem Architecture

    Clear your tech debt and integrate your systems in the most efficient, least complex way. We'll get acquainted with your processes, data and resource to ensure that your growth ecosystem is working holistically, using technology from market leading and most innovative vendors, and our own integrations where bespoke solutions are required. Get the complete picture from your data and help teams work around a single source of truth across multiple platforms.
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  • Deliver effective ways of working between teams

    Implement the latest in collaborative technology which allows each stakeholder to work together, speeding up the end-to-end process.
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  • Boost capacity of my team

    Hampered by headcount or not finding the right talent? We have a bench of platform and process specialists within your region available at your beck and call.
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  • Deliver effective creative collaboration and digital production

    Our work management delivery team specializes in setting up creative collaboration tools tying your DAM, CMS, CDP, and entire campaign stack together.
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  • Boost capability of my team

    Our staff augmentation and training practices provide parallel paths of obtaining your business goals while ensuring your team retains the knowledge when we roll off.
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  • Growth Effectiveness Action Plan

  • Change Management

  • Business Growth Measurement & Insights


A structured digital Content Supply Chain streamlines your processes and aligns your technology to improve reporting and operations. What’s more, you’ll compound the benefits by securing better resource allocation and budget management – cutting out wastage to keep a razor-sharp focus on actions that deliver tangible outputs.

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Putting time back in your team improves the employee experience, helping individuals to deliver higher impact work and career growth. With greater collaboration and alignment across departments, there’s more scope to keep everyone on the same page when it comes to delivering compliant content. Like any effective supply chain, content marketing cannot be the sole responsibility of the marketing department.

People Growth


Your media-rich Content Supply Chain supports scalability and adaptability within your content strategy. You can quickly adapt to market trends and customer preferences to keep all communications relevant and impactful, ready to boost the bottom line. And with marketing data made visible, measurable ROI and campaign performance support informed decision making for continuous improvement.

Revenue Growth

Addressing your Content Supply Chain strategy

Can you see the signs?

Change the story. Align your people, workflow, technology and data within a new Content Supply Chain to deliver growth-focused business.

Your Content Supply Chain journey

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What is a content supply chain?

Start at the beginning. Explore the fundamentals behind Content Supply Chain – how it fits into your business, the concept of a mini-ecosystem, and how this solution cascades across people, workflow, technology and data to inform growth-focused business.  

Dive in
challenges of content management icon

Challenges of content management

Address real challenges restricting your return on marketing investment. This insight article drills down into the core challenges in your content strategy, uncovering how your Content Supply Chain enables you to take control of content management.  

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Top 5 benefits of an effective content supply chain

Start turning your content challenge into a revenue opportunity. Use this article to identify the Content Supply Chain benefits that mean most to your business – how you can increase productivity, accelerate campaign production, improve compliance and reduce costs.  

Unlock the benefits
Improving Marketing ROI with content strategy

Improving Marketing ROI with content strategy

See it in action. Hear Andy Mullings, Bluprintx Global Director, talk from personal experience about drawing on platforms like Adobe Workfront and Marketo Engage to develop an Adobe Content Supply Chain which delivers real-world results.  

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Ryan is responsible for establishing and supporting a global network of next generation consultants to design and deliver growth for some of the world’s largest organizations. Ryan specializes in strategic vision, transformational change, Content Supply Chain and solution and value led selling. Allied to his passion for building teams, this makes him the ideal platform on which to grow our practice here at Bluprintx. Over the last decade Ryan has led strategic CX transformation projects for some of the world’s most recognizable brands. He’s also previously worked within world class presales organizations at leading vendors, Oracle and Sprinklr.

Read Ryan's "Delivering strategic objectives, faster" point of view paper

We help you to Design, Deliver, Adopt and Grow your Content Supply Chain

Improve your People, Technology, Workflow, Data

Best-in-class Content Supply Technologies

    Adobe Workfront
    Adobe Marketo Engage
    Adobe Experience Manager Assets
    Bluprintx icon Bluprint Labs

Further Content Supply Chain Technologies

Our cross-platform, technology agnostic approach enables you to arrive at a solution which delivers regardless of your Martech stack.

Learn more about the platforms that we leverage our in-house expertise to deliver bespoke Content Supply Chain solutions, regardless of platform install base and requirement. is a key part of our partner ecosystem, so we have many years’ experience deploying across all industries. We design, deliver and optimize your deployment to align your teams, boost productivity and achieve your operational strategic goals.
Working across a range of Salesforce solutions including Marketing Cloud, Sales/Service Cloud, Tableau and Mulesoft, Bluprintx supports leading brands with implementation, consulting and enablement. Combining technical know-how with a focus on business outcomes, our Salesforce experts deliver impact at speed.
Dynamics 365 is a portfolio of intelligent business applications that delivers superior operational efficiency and breakthrough customer experiences. We have experience delivering 50+ Dynamics integrations, improving agility and reducing complexity, without increasing costs.
Bluprintx is a certified Silver HubSpot Solutions Partner. We provide a suite of services from sales and marketing alignment to custom API integrations. Our certifications include marketing hub integration, Salesforce integration and guided client onboarding.
Bluprintx is a censhare Silver Partner. Our experts design and deliver censhare solutions that fully optimize the content supply chain, simplifying the creation, distribution and management of all digital assets.
IgniteTech helps leading enterprises grow revenue, optimize expenses and improve IT systems. Bluprintx is IgniteTech's premiere digital asset management (DAM) solution provider, helping customers design, deliver, adopt and grow their DAM solution of choice from the IgniteTech suite.
Mulesoft is one of the most scalable and flexible integration platforms. Our experts build bespoke integration solutions to connect applications, data and devices across on-premise and cloud computing environments – helping to free up time and move your company forward.
Tableau’s visual analytics platform is transforming the way people use data to solve problems. Our experts help you use Tableau to consolidate and visualize data via digestible dashboards, ensuring you have data-driven decision-making at the core of your growth system.
Oktopost is a social media management platform that empowers B2B enterprises to demonstrate business impact at scale. With Oktopost, you can schedule content across multiple networks, track performance metrics, and integrate social data across your entire marketing ecosystem.

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