As your business and market evolves, we help you continuously improve and optimize growth performance. No hit and hope tactics here. We unlock the power of data across your ecosystem to make impactful optimization decisions – from team productivity to customer engagement to revenue outcomes.

Evolve your operating models and technology ecosystem as needed, to continually drive growth within changing markets.

Using outcome-aligned growth metrics, performance benchmarking, and a proactive test and optimize program, we can continuously recommend and prioritize to enhance your growth performance.

Extracting insight from the solid foundations of your growth ecosystem, we make responsive, data-informed adjustments. This ensures that whatever the macro-forces at play, your operating model stays streamlined, relevant, and geared towards growth.

Read on to learn more about how you can put the ‘grow’ in growth.


Four key steps to optimize growth

Remember Grow is a strategic pillar in our growth lifecycle. One of four pillars. We help you leverage Grow as a launchpad for rapid decision making.

We show you how to take a more methodical, tried, and tested way to sustainable growth. We equip you to democratize insights and make maximum impact across your business.


Get started with this four step process:

Step 1: Constant evaluation of initiatives

Strategy is never ‘set-and-forget’. You need a flexible, hybrid-strategy that allows you to maintain constant growth and direction while pivoting to serve the ad-hoc priorities that the business throws your way.

Monitor and re-prioritize the optimal sequence of initiatives while always referring to the original business outcomes to avoid strategic drift.

Step 2: Frameworks and source of truth for measurement & insights

Without establishing a trustworthy single source of truth and metrics that matter, you’re unlikely to truly understand progress and take action against the outcomes you want to drive.

Establishing the right measurement framework on top of a unified data source provides concise signals of the course changes needed to optimize growth. That’s true whether you’re measuring conversion rates, closed-won reasons, or campaign production bottlenecks.

Step 3: Performance benchmarking

Setting arbitrary growth targets isn’t going to cut it. Establishing reliable benchmarks means you can set achievable milestones, aligned to your targets. Solid baselines allow you to take encouragement from progress and determine where to focus optimizations.

Adopt best practice, holistic benchmarks for your business to not just measure immediate performance growth, but also anticipate trends to make proactive business growth decisions. Share insights and make sure cross-functional meetings do the same with progress. Identify improvement areas for deeper understanding of impact across your business and a collaborative approach to improving results.

Step 4: Testing & optimizations

Now you have flexible priorities, established benchmarks and a framework to measure and report, knowing what to test to make the most impactful business gains is the gamechanger.

Don’t be blinded by the volume of facets and testing combinations. Having a clear strategy and optimization framework will keep your vision clear and increase chances of success.

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