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The power of Personalized Journey Management

How well do you know your consumers?  

The business landscape is changing. Slowly but surely, a new generation is taking the reins. According to a study by The B2B Institute, 74% of millennials and Gen Z professionals are involved in making buying decisions for their companies – and they’re pushing a digital approach to B2B deals. By 2025, millennials alone will make up 44% of the workforce.  

This new collection of B2B budget holders has much higher expectations. They demand direct relationships with vendors, faster response times and greater personalization.  

Successful businesses will adapt, building in personalization throughout their marketing and sales process. One way to achieve personalization without a significant uptick in budget and staff is to set up Personalized Journey Management – a connected outlook which facilitates seamless journeys, frictionless experiences and targeted next-best-action optimization.  


What does Personalized Journey Management really look like? 

Nearly three-quarters of your consumers expect companies to deliver personalized interactions. But what does that look like in real terms? At Bluprintx, we work around six core building blocks and behaviors of personalized journey management: 

  1. Listen to qualitive and quantitative feedback from customers to truly understand their needs, desires and behaviors. Don’t be afraid of their honest feedback, and allow it to challenge your assumptions.
  2. Design journeys and experiences around key customer personas and decision-making units.  
  3. Organize teams and processes to better serve the customer at all stages of their lifecycle. 
  4. Build a fully-integrated technology ecosystem with a customer 360 data strategy at its center. Visibility is everything. 
  5. Leverage AI to drive real-time decision making at scale, factoring in next-best-offer and next-best-action frameworks for automation. 
  6. Build robust measurement, testing and optimization processes to make sure your customer journeys never stand still.  

Personalized journey management ensures that your customers can move smoothly through the purchasing process, benefiting from individual attention at each stage, to reach a swift and satisfying decision. And when they can’t… 76% of consumers admit to getting frustrated if personalization doesn’t happen.  


Signs of successful Personalized Journey Management 

Implementing personalized journey management is an avenue to driving revenue growth by improving customer sales journeys. But, beyond overall revenue growth, here’s what you can look out for to measure success: 

  • Improved ROI 
  • Increased lead acquisition  
  • Increased revenue from cross-sell and up-sell  
  • Improved revenue from customer loyalty and lifetime value 
  • Reduced customer churn 
  • Reduced cost of licenses and ownership 
  • Fewer purchase journeys abandoned 
  • Lower customer acquisition cost 


Taking a mini-ecosystem approach 

A mini-ecosystem breaks down larger ecosystems into manageable units, allowing organizations to adapt and pivot quickly in response to shifting market dynamics and technological advancements.  

This approach is not only efficient and cost-effective, but also fosters agility, making businesses more resilient and adaptable.  

Your personalized journey management strategy has an impact across your tech stack – but that doesn’t mean it can’t be considered as a mini-ecosystem in its own right.  

Establishing the journey as a mini-ecosystem across the organization means taking a top down view of your customer lifecycle, understanding its touchpoints, and where you can leverage AI and marketing technologies to maximize customer opportunities.  

Taking a growth lifecycle approach, we can help you to develop an actionable plan that connects the dots across people, technology, workflow and data. All to give you a personalized journey management module that fits the needs of your organization, plugs in where its needed, but remains tangible enough to be decoupled and improved at will. 

We’ve helped businesses including Uber Eats to drive revenue and improve customer lifetime value through bespoke personalized journey management. If you’d like a fresh pair of eyes on your customer journey, click below to leave your details and we’ll put you in touch with one of our experts for a free consultation.


Bespoke Personalized Journey Management for Uber Eats